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Mine: Capcoal
Commodity: Coal
Ownership: Anglo American Plc (70%) Mitsui & Company Ltd (30%)

The Capcoal German Creek mine is 240 kilometres south–west of Mackay in the Bowen Basin coalfields of Central Queensland. The complex comprises three underground mines; Southern colliery, Central colliery and Grasstree mine, and the Oak Park open-pit mine.
Anglo Coal manages the underground mines for joint venture owners Anglo Coal Australia and Mitsui Corporation. Capcoal operates the mine, along with the adjoining open-pit mine, for joint venture owners Anglo Coal Australia and Marubeni.

The mining leases controlled by Capcoal cover 27,343 hectares. Estimated resources exceed one billion tonnes with in-situ mineable reserves of 157 million tonnes. The majority of coal is mined from the German Creek formation, noted for containing hard coking coal of exceptionally high quality. The German Creek sequence contains five intervals known as the German Creek, Corvus, Tieri, Aquila and Pleiades seams.
Capcoal mines 7Mt of coal each year to produce in excess of five and a half million tonnes of prime quality, hard coking coal for export to steel-manufacturing customers in Asia-East, Asia-South, Asia-West, Europe and Latin America.
Run-of-mine coal is processed in a centrally located coal handling and preparation plant prior to being transported by rail to the Dalrymple Bay coal terminal for export.
The underground mines at German Creek utilise technologically advanced long wall mining methods for cost effective coal extraction.
Open-pit mining at German Creek began in late 1981 with four draglines in operation. The open-pit now has one dragline in operation in the Oak Park deposit, where the five metre thick Middlemount seam is currently being mined.

The open-pit operations are supported by a large modern fleet of coal haulers, loaders, dozers and support equipment with on site facilities for repair and maintenance.

Mine status
Operating. With production estimated at 1.6Mt of product coal each year, Capcoal expected that the Oak Park would extend its open-pit operations for an additional twenty years.

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