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Company Profile

Mine: Moranbar North
Commodity: Coal
Ownership: Anglo American Plc (88%) Nippon Steel Australia (5.00%) Tomen Corporation (3.75%) Nittetsu Shoji Company (1.25%) Sumikin Bussan Coal Australia (1.00%) Kokan Kogyo Australia (0.50%) Shinsho Australia (0.50%)


The Moranbah North mine is operated and managed by Anglo American. The site covers 100 square kilometres in the Bowen Basin, around 15km north of Moranbah, in Central Queensland.

Coal is mined from the Goonyella Middle Seam which is 200m below the surface. One underground mine currently operates with two development units in the works. The mine uses the longwall mining method and has done since 1998.

Mining is conducted from Moranbah coal measures of the late Permian age, dipping gently east at between three degrees and five degrees beneath a veneer of tertiary strata. The principal seam of interest has been the Goonyella Middle Seam, which is up to 6m thick in the mine area and generally exceeds 5.5m.

In 1999, a $200 million powered roof support was commissioned to increase production. The Barada Barna people are the Traditional Owners of Moranbah North.

Moranbah North produced 4.475Mt to December 31, 2010, and had produced 1.712Mt to June 30, 2011.

Mine status

The Moranbah mine currently produces 4.5mtpa of high fluidity premium hard coking coal, mainly for export to iron and steel manufactures in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Brazil and Europe. The mine is expected to have a life of more than 20 years.



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