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Mine: Saraji
Commodity: Coal
Ownership: BHP Billiton (50%), Mitsubishi Corporation (50%)

The Saraji mine, 165 kilometres south-west of Mackay in Queensland, produces a low - volatile coking coal for export to Asia and Europe. The mine is one of seven Bowen Basin mines that are owned by the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA). Saraji is about 24km south of BMA’s Peak Downs mine, and 213km south-west of the Hay Point coal export terminal. Construction at Saraji began in late 1972 and production began in the latter part of 1974.

Saleable coal production from Saraji is about five million tonnes per annum of metallurgical coal for export markets. Saraji has enough mineable coal to operate for another 25 years at current rates.

The mine extends north-south across a strike of 30km, with an average width in excess of 4km. Each strip is excavated perpendicular to the dip of the coal to maintain a consistent waste/coal stripping ratio.

Mining at Saraji occurs from the Moranbah coal measures of late permian age, dipping at between three degrees and five degrees to the east. Up to 11 coal seams are present but only the two lowermost; the Dysart and Dysart K seams have been worked. Saraji uses strip mining to progressively uncover the coal down dip.

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