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Company Profile

Mine: Timboon
Commodity: Limestone
Ownership: Ausminerals, 100 per cent

The Timboon limestone quarry is about 43 kilometres east of Warrnambool in Victoria. Timboon is a small town located 152km south-west of Geelong, 235km from Melbourne and 27km south of Cobden. The site had proven reserves of 7.078 million tonnes of limestone at November 27, 2007.

Ausminerals had planned a large production expansion at Timboon, but in 2008 the company due to financial factors including the weakness of the Australian dollar, along with the banking crash, which saw reluctance from the company's bank to increase finance. The result of these factors was a curtailed work program on existing operations and the gold properties. Since then, Ausminerals has been able to begin marketing of its expanded product range, but has had to seek buyers for the business due to a lack of working capital. The sale had not yet been finalised.

In July 2009 Ausminerals announced that installation of the major components of a new grinding plant facility had been completed. Trial production runs had been successfully undertaken with production of ultra-fine products being achieved. Once commissioning was completed the company would be able to expend production into high-value, ultra-fine particle industrial minerals aimed at niche markets.

Ausminerals expected full production to be achieved by August 2009.

Mine status
Operating. In its 2009 annual report Ausminerals stated that the new grinding plant had been installed and the first toll milling order was being processed.



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