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Mine: Commodore
Commodity: Coal
Ownership: InterGen Australia (53.69%) Marubeni Corporation (30%) GEC (6.31%) EIF Group (5.00%) Tohoku Electric Power Company (5.00%) Franco-Nevada Corporation (Royalty)

The Commodore mine is adjacent to the 850 mega-watt Millmerran coal-fired power station, about 200 kilometres west of Brisbane, in Queensland’s Surat Basin. The Commodore coal mine is the sole source of coal fuel supply to the power station, having made its first delivery in February 2003.

Downer EDI Mining is responsible for the operation and management of the coal mine and associated activities.
The Commodore project employs about 50 people including staff encompassing mine operations and equipment maintenance staff. Almost half the total workforce has been employed from the local community.
The mine geology consists of gently folded Walloon coal measures of middle jurassic age, dipping generally at less than three degrees. Three banded seams are present: Kooroongarra  (up to 3m thick), Commodore (averaging 5.2m thick) and Bottom Rider (between 0.5m and 0.9m thick).

At January 1, 1999 Commodore had a measured thermal coal resource of 177Mt. The mine produced 3.250Mt to December 31, 2005, and has about 3.6Mtpa production capacity.
Commodore was one of the first open-pit coal mines in the world to completely switch its total fuel use to biodiesel.

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