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Company Profile

Mine: Inglewood Project
Commodity: Gold
Ownership: GBM Gold (100%)


The Inglewood project lies in Victoria’s Inglewood goldfield, which has produced about 130,000 ounces down to an average vertical mining depth of 100 metres with the deepest workings (predominantly shaft development) rarely exceeding 300m. GBM has defined exploration targets exceeding 600,000oz.

Four main mining areas have been recognised at Inglewood as having produced about 90 per cent of the recorded production. These are the Maxwells, Columbian, Jersey and the March Unity/Morning Star mines lines of reef.
GBM has initially focused on the Maxwells line of reef, due to the existing mine and mill development. The main underground focus has been on two zones of high-grade mineralisation in what have been termed the Max shoot and Max North shoot.

Mining from this area has produced grades in excess of 60 grams per tonne.
The company has undertaken a refurbishment and upgrade of the existing Maxwells processing facility. This plant utilises gravity recovery to recover free gold and a cyanide leach circuit to recover the balance of gold requiring chemical release.

GBM’s research has revealed a number of exploration targets, with 20 targets identified throughout the current license area.
GBM aimed to progressively confirm each exploration target to indicated resource status, with a view to providing an ongoing feed supply for the processing facility for a minimum of ten years.
Deposits on the Inglewood gold field are structurally controlled by the intersection of oblique faulting which produce steep plunging high grade shoots.

Mine status

Expected to re-open this year.



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