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Mine: Kunwarara
Commodity: Magnesia
Ownership: Queensland Magnesia, 100 per cent


Kunwarara mine is located 60km northwest of Rockhampton in Queensland. Mining at Kunwarara began in 1991 and is considered to be very straight forward. In 2000 a second pre-concentration plant was installed, this consists of crushing, scrubbing and screening circuits. The Magnesia is mined and processed through the beneficiation plants and low calcium/low silica magnesite feedstock is trucked to the Queensland Magnesia processing plant, located in Parkhurst.

Here material which comprises matrix sands, clays and gravels and magnesite and dolomite fines, is pumped or trucked to mined –out pits and re-deposited as tailings. Selective blending of product stockpiles ensures consistent feedstock grades and optimal mine yields are achieved from the variable orebodies mined.

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