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Company Profile

Mine: Lanfranchi
Commodity: Nickel
Ownership: Panoramic Resources, 100 per cent


The Lanfranchi mine produces a high-grade nickel sulphide deposit which occurs as ribbon-like shoots at the base of high magnesium komatite lava flows or channels. Majority of Lanfranchi’s ore is mined using the long-hole open stoping method.

Access to the ore block is obtained using tunnels; a slot raise is created and holes are then drilled to blast the ore block. After blasting, the stopes are filled with paste to stabilise and allow for extraction of adjoining ore blocks. The mine produces ROM ore, delivering it to BHP Billiton’s Nickel West concentrator in Kambalda, a 40km journey north of Lanfranchi by road.

Mine status

The December quarter of 2013 reported 3390t of nickel in ore; the third consecutive quarterly production record. Exploration drilling began late in the quarter on new drill targets east of Deacon. The site’s resources and reserves transitioned to 2012 JORC Code.



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