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Mine: Dardanup
Commodity: Mineral Sands
Ownership: Iwatani Corporation (100%) Doral Mineral Sands (Indirect)

The Dardanup Mine is an open cut monazite, zircon and rutile operation near the Ferguson River, about 160 kilometres south from Perth in WA.

Doral Mineral Sands operates a continuous 24-hours-a-day, open cut mining and processing operation at the site that began in mid 2002. The operation is now annually producing about 110,000 tonnes of ilmenite, 5000t of leucoxene, 20,000t of HiTi 70 and 15,000t of zircon with the majority of the products being exported to Asia and the United States. The mineral is initially separated using gravity techniques to concentrate the valuable heavy mineral from the clay and sand. The heavy mineral is then dried and separated into the different products using a combination of magnetic and electrostatic techniques. According to Doral, future ore reserves at the mine would enable consistent operation for many years to come.

Doral Mineral Sands is an established global supplier of titanium minerals, fused alumina, zircon sand, zircon flour, fused Zirconia and silica fume. In June 2001, Doral committed over $30 million to the Dardanup Mineral Sands Project in an agreement between ISK Minerals (the former proponent) and Doral. This involved the acquisition of the mineral rights, mine site, exploration and mining land, along with refurbishment of the Picton dry separation plant and construction of the Dardanup mine wet concentrator plant and support and administration facilities.

An Environmental Protection Statement was filed for the proposed expansion of the Dardanup mine in order to include the adjoining Burekup mineral sands deposit in 2008. The Burekup mineral sands deposit lies immediately to the west of the original approved boundaries of the Dardanup mine.

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